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'In Celebration of the Muse'
Area women take to the stage in celebration of the poetry muse.

The Wasteland
Heather Rogers brings us a brief history of garbage.

Speaking Cash to Power
Author John Harrington offers tips for taking on the leviathan.

The Rangergirl Tour of Santa Cruz
Join Tim Pratt in 'The Adventures of Rangergirl' and see the supernatural side of Santa Cruz.

Carolyn Burke's portrait of an artist as a young woman.

The Heart of Moving Parts
From limited edition books costing thousands of dollars to inexpensive chapbooks of political poetry, Felicia Rice takes publishing to beautiful extremes.

Reading Festival
Lavish gifts and brilliant reads bring the world to your fingertips--with or without a computer.

From the Pit of Despair, a Voice of Hope
Author and activist Terry Tempest Williams returns from Rwanda with a vision of despair and a message of hope.

Grave New World
The Rolling Darkness Car Cultureue brings its ghost writers to Capitola.

The Da Vinci Cod
Chris Elliot gets a life as, of all things, a novelist.

Flu Season
From 'Bee Season' to 'Wickett's Remedy,' Myla Goldberg turns her fascinations into ours.

100 Ways to Load Your Library
Jane Smiley offers more than '13 Ways of Looking at the Novel'—she offers her thoughts on 100 novels.

Things That Go Thud In the Night
Terry Pratchett's 'Thud!' takes aim directly at your brain.

No Heaven Required
In her latest collection, poet Alicia Ostriker contemplates paradises lost and found.

Dear Osama
Chris Cleave's 'Incendiary' delivers a powerful vision in the voice of an ordinary woman.

Logic of the Bizarre
Aimee Bender's stories in 'Willful Creatures' take logical detours through bizarre landscapes.

Brezsny Comes Home
Back in the cemetary where he met the love of his life, America's favorite Free Will Astrologer digs deep into the realm of the psyche.

My Old Wallachian Tome
Elizabeth Kostova's epistolary novel, 'The Historian,' combines nuanced chills and literary thrills.

Harry Potter and the Pot of Gold
Does the rainbow end on your bookshelves? Speculators search for the golden editions of Harry Potter.

Emotional Shorthand
Jasper Fforde's fiction gets into reading as his characters travel from 'Jane Eyre' to 'Hamlet.'

Shades of Gray
Andrew Vachss wants you to ask the questions.

Unlocking Fact and Fiction
Laurie R. King's 'Locked Rooms' mixes Dashiell Hammett and Sherlock Holmes.

Rapture of the Nerds
In Charles Stross' 'Accelerando,' corporations barter with post-human souls over an intergalactic Internet.

Light Thoughts Meet Dark in the Dusk
What in heck is a Narraglyphic Picto Assemblage? Apparently only one of author Daniel Clowes' 'Ice Haven' characters knows.

I Can See Your House From Here
In which a local writer unconsciously stalks David Sedaris on several continents and scores an interview with him.

The Radio in Your Head
In which our reviewer admits to his fear of writing about a David Sedaris book.

From Self-Hate to Radical Self-Acceptance
Exploring the process of breaking the cycles of addiction.

Summer Books
Mystery, sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

Shame vs. Guilt
'Bangkok Tattoo' explores the culture of shame.

Al Young, Laureate
An intimate profile of Al Young, California's new poet laureate, from Morton Marcus' literary memoir, 'Striking Through the Masks.'

Just Who Is Al Young?
An interview with the state's new poet laureate.

Interviewing Anarchy
Local author, musician and DJ gets personal with some musical luminaries--and their views might surprise you.

Major Soul Truth
In Mitch Cullin's 'A Slight Trick of the Mind,' Sherlock Holmes is trapped inside an aging body.

The Mad World of Norman O. Brown
A new book sheds light on late UCSC philosophy professor.

Soccer sensation Brandi Chastain gets underneath the underwear episode to the heart of her feelings about sportsmanship and role models.

Hard Times
Two new erotic anthologies find edgy sex in America's bad news.

Sirius Matters
In his new history of the counterculture, author Ken Goffman tracks down history's freethinkers.

Booked for the New Year
Looking back, ahead and sideways at the richness of the local literary scene.

Beauty and the Beastliness
Lawrence Weschler shows how brutality has existed side by side with incredible artistry throughout history in 'Vermeer in Bosnia.'

Bike to Book
Spring weather and healthy exercise are no excuse to miss this month's local lit events.

Everybody's Fool
April Fool's Day touches off a full-scale raid of local bookstores by eclectic authors.

The Monkey House
Celebrate the year of the monkey by flinging around books and checking out lit events.

Hallmark Pass
Take time to crib your valentines from the best while you're hanging out in local bookstores.

Yogi Bare
UCSC alum Elizabeth Kadetsky exposes the highs and lows of her intense relationship with the art of yoga.

Paging Your Future Self
If the ancient Babylonians are right, your schedule for 2004 is all booked up.

Smoke, She is A-Rising
Fire horse women and picture brides are the stuff of Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston's 'Legend.'

Smoke, She is A-Rising
Fire horse women and picture brides are the stuff of Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston's 'Legend.'

Party Lines
Have your cake and read it too at Bookshop Santa Cruz and Capitola Book Cafe.

Truth or D.A.R.E.
Meredith Maran says America is long overdue for a rethinking of how it deals with teens who use drugs.

Spooky Chats
October rituals ain't what they used to be, but this month's lit events offer some extra intrigue.

We Got the Beat
Poetry Santa Cruz drafts one of the first Beat poets into its ongoing crusade.

'Shoe' Fits
Real life and writing craft come together in Anne Lamott's 'Blue Shoe.'

'Diary' of a Prankster
His new novel may be his most traditional yet, but Chuck Palahniuk is still keeping the book world off balance.

Knowledge Is Power
Schoolhouse Rock exposed as Gnostic conspiracy, lit events reviewed.

Dazed and Perused
Lots of books to read, and a dearth of author events. Like the Go-Go's said, vacation's meant to be spent alone. They were all about literacy.

Page Slave: 2003 Summer Lit Issue.

Beached Wail
Attention, lit lovers: Pick up the book and back away from the sand castle.

'Pier' Pressure
Ann Packer's unflinching look at emotional tension and physical trauma has everyone buzzing about 'The Dive From Clausen's Pier.'

Pre-Order of 'The Phoenix'
Santa Cruz bookstores stay open late for the newest Harry Potter onslaught; plus, June lit events around town.

Mary Visionary
The influential art and ideas of founding UCSC faculty member and all-around Santa Cruz icon Mary Holmes are remembered in a new book.

Insane in the Brain
In May, the Reading Railroad becomes a crazy train of lit events around Santa Cruz .

Operation Isengardi Freedom
Wars and other world crises got you down? Escape to Middle Earth and all points literary.

What Women Write
This month in literary events: women writers would like to have a word with you

Geek Love
This month in literary haps: sex from heaven, poetry about peas and going from crappy to happy.

East Side, West Side, All Around The Town
East meets West. The Donner Party meets Chinatown. Novelist James D. Houston examines the moment when two immigrant cultures came together on East Cliff Drive.

Book of Dreams
How photographer George Lee's new book saves a piece of Santa Cruz history.

Sward Swallower
Local poet Robert Sward finds himself tangled up in the web of mysticism and offbeat wisdom that is his father's legacy.

Breaking On Through Again
Ram Dass wraps his expanded mind around the last of the truly taboo subjects--death and dying.


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