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Visual Arts

Art Exhibit: 'Shot Up' at The Attic
Range shooting comes to a downtown art gallery.

SoWat if They're Stars?
Local media celebs Chip and Kirby's master plan starts with the SCICA's festival of contemporary performance.

Open for Artistry
Open Studios returns to the county for the 20th year in a row with eyes facing forward.

San Carlos Street Style Rez
An artistic revolution hits the skateboard decks at MAH.

Crossing Over
Our staff psychic decodes the meaning of the UCSC Arts & Lectures 2004-2005 season.

Toe to Toe
The dance and art scenes collide at the opening of the Attic, Santa Cruz's ambitious new art space.

Graphic Violence
The new exhibit at Caffe Pergolesi is raising eyebrows--but for Santa Cruz artist Koak, that's par for the course.

On Our Backs
Santa Cruz photographer David Steinberg clicks his way into the bedrooms of real people to portray the raw beauty of real sex.

One Wrong Tune
Down in Carmel, the controversy over an unpopular acoustic system has cast a shadow over the much-hyped opening of the newly renovated Sunset Center.

The Buoy Next Door
The Rio's new space one door down is a boost for local artists and a boon for arts-friendly technology in Santa Cruz.

Wild at Art
Internationally renown wildlife photographer Frans Lanting opens his gallery in Santa Cruz.

Ansel Adams & Me
Santa Cruz's Seema Weatherwax may be the most important photographer you've never heard of.

WAMM, Bam, Thank You Mams!
Sex Goddess Annie Sprinkle gives her breast effort in an educational evening of erotic imagery benefiting WAMM.

High Art on the Hog
Fine art meets found art when Michael Leeds gets his motor runnin' and heads out to the junkyard.

Life Is ELSA Ware
ELSA Productions' ELectron SAlon 7 dives into the murky waters of the unconscious and emerges with trippy software, virtual reality and experimental music.

Ego for It!
Even Freud would agree that the Boulder Creek Art, Wine & Music Festival is a feast for the senses.

Unnatural 'Law'
In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. This local art exhibit riffs on both of them.

Logo a Go-Go
For a uniquely local last-minute gift strategy, it's time to brand your friends and loved ones Santa Cruz.


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