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Book Review: Franz Wright
Pulitzer Prize-winning poet channels a divine 'Silence.'

Music Fandom
Authors Pamela Des Barres and Karen Schoemer relate highly personal tales of obsession.

Writer's Lust
A penis is a penis in local author's erotic romances.

God Forbid
Ayelet Waldman's impossible pursuits.

Hope Dies Last
Studs Terkel keeps the faith.

A Better World
'The World on Sunday' showcases the graphic triumphs of Joseph Pulitzer's Sunday 'World' of the early 1900s--now all we get is 'Parade.'

Random Jive
Introducing the winners (and wonders) of our annual writing contest.

Fall 2005 Literature Issue
Steve Hockensmith
Pirate's Prom
Local Lit
YA Lit

Book Festival and Poetry Walk offer an embarassment of writerly riches.

Chic Lit
Novelist Jody Gehrman, the pin-up girl for smart chick-lit?

Let's Get Lost
Rebecca Solnit strays the path in 'Field Guide.'

Let's Get Lost
Rebecca Solnit strays the path in 'Field Guide.'

Root of the Matter
'The Botanist and the Vintner' a 19th-century detective story.

Bitter Flower
Love, sex, abuse--growing up a 'Towelhead.'

Women's Work
Author Leonard Shlain brings science to the goddess debate.

Face Time
Author Brent Hartinger gives gay teens a model.

Books Beat
Bios you can tap your toes to.

Spring 2005 Literature Issue
Drunk on Words
Ffunny Fforde
Death Row Discourse
Judi Bari
Poetics of Friendship
Junkie Journals

Daughter of the Car Cultureolution
Chun Yu's 'Little Green' offers a window of innocence on a dark chapter of modern China.

Gonzo Gone
Hunter S. Thompson, R.I.P.

King of California
Half a century of Upton Sinclair's state of the state.

Copy Cast
Word for Word breathe new life into lit.

Censorious Style
'Joneses' just says no to everything.

A Long Strange Trip
Truth is often the first casualty of war, and the much ballyhooed 'war on drugs' is no exception.

The Lady Is Strange
Hysterical women of historical fiction.

Briefly Noted
Our highly subjective list of the new and locally written.

Flocking Together
'The Big Year' captures the thrills, adventure and drama of birdwatching.

Visual Rhetoric
Inese Heinzel's crusade to reunite words with images.

Words, Words, Words
Sonoma County Book Fair celebrates the area's rich literary stew.

Reading in Transition
When even the government thinks we're not reading enough, there may be trouble.

Rise and Shine
Jonathan Ames' 'Wake Up, Sir!' is a dashing yet thoroughly wacky comedy.

'G' Is for Grafton
Mystery novelist Sue Grafton soups the alphabet.

My Back Pages
Rock 'n' roll reading.

Son and Heir
Author Marc Spitz is human and needs to be loved.

Teller of Tales
Marshall Chapman's sweet, strange trip.

Soaking It Up
'Wine Country Spas' a chatty treat.

Chick Lit Crit
Oh baby, where is thy sting?

American Visions
One pundit's call for a new and improved progressive America.

Soul on Ice
Alice Walker's new novel a New Age mess.

Mightier than the Sword
Journalist Greg Palast is one of truth's last crusaders.

Not Going Softly
The Beats raged against the night.

Book Notes
New and noteworthy, local and langurous.

Falling to Pieces
James Frey's jaggedly beautiful story of putting it all back together again.

Art of Mothering
Novelist Jean Hegland balances words with work.

Immigrant Song
The story of Arab Americans in California and the North Bay.

Feel the Love
Chip Wendt's Running Wolf Press is all about the juice.

Adult Reader
Wil Wheaton steps out of Crusher's shadow.

Left vs. Right
The bipolar world of Al Franken.

Not-So-Lonely Planet
Sampler classes get writers out of their rooms.

Sexual Healing
Talking 'Chicken' with David Henry Sterry.

Ripping off the Buddha, one path at a time.

If I Had a Boat
'Cork Boat' author John Pollack goes out on a river.

Writ Large
Fall lit keeps you warm at night.

Java Jive 9
The North Bay Bohemian annual literary contest nets two winners and oodles of talent.

Shadowing Sherlock
Petaluma writer Michael Kurland and a guy named Holmes.

The Making of a Poet Laureate
The Book Fair announces Sonoma County's newest poet laureate.

Coming of Age
Ariel Gore of Hip Mama fame narrates her journeys from Palo Alto to the Far East and back.

Too Much Robbins
'Villa Incognito' out-Robbins Tom Robbins.

Power Trip
Mythic storyteller Jean-Vi Lenthe launches a feminized, bisexualized 'Odyssey,' and presents it in her own voice--literally.

Shooting Stars
Tommy Mierzwinski's literary magazine 'Roman Candles' is small but burns brightly.

Lit to Be Tied
A bevy of recently released books to escape into.

Rhyme and Reason
True stories of a not-so-hardened picture-book writer.

River Watchers
Sixteen Rivers Press welcomes a new tributary.

Hitting the Road
Author Rolf Potts travels in search of that very small moment.

Drawn to Scale
Debbie Drechsler's 'Summer of Love' charts the trials of adolescence.

On the Write Path
Jordan Rosenfeld's LiveWire Literary Salon hits a nerve.

Big and Bad
'High and Mighty' chronicles the rise and rise of SUVs.

Eighth Annual Java Jive
'Bohemian' writing contest displays the wonders of modern fiction.


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